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Contract handling

There are many circumstances that pose challenges for companies when handling contracts with end customers or subcontractors. We will find the right solution for you.


Contract processing made easy

Jurisdictions or company headquarters abroad are often incompatible with corporate compliance rules, which makes cooperation difficult. For most cases, RaaS finds a suitable solution for contract processing with its flexible models. We conclude a direct contractual relationship with your end customer and use your subcontractor. We also conclude a service contract with you and act as a customer in this case. You invoice us for the service and RaaS in turn invoices the end customer.

Your advantages at a glance

Circumvention of compliance regulations

Access to companies you would not normally be able to work with.

We take care of the fee and invoicing

Simply process contracts with RaaS

You would like to have a contract processed through us? That’s very easy. You simply send us your service contract or an order from your end customer. If all the basic conditions fit, we contact your end customer and conclude a contract with them for the service. They, in turn, conclude a direct contract with us. This way you can work with companies you would not otherwise meet.

Case study


The client wants to use external experts for projects. Due to concerns about bogus self-employment/liability risks, the client does not want to enter a direct contractual relationship with the external experts, even though the term is only 3 months, and the consultants are used as specialists in projects. In addition, there are internal compliance requirements that make direct cooperation impossible.


RaaS concludes a service contract with the client for the service and the individual subcontractors who are used as vicarious agents. There is no contractual relationship between the client and the external consultants. The internal compliance standards can thus be adhered to and the consultants can be used for the project.

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