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Payroll Service

Compliance requirements often make payroll management with external service providers or companies more difficult. With our payroll service, we have the right solutions ready for you.


Payroll in trusted hands

Do you have a freelancer or other subcontractor working, but cannot enter into a direct contractual relationship for internal compliance requirements or contractual reasons? Then you are right with us! We take over the entire invoice processing for your external subcontractors and offer you the following services:

Individual contract content

We mirror your contract content 1:1 to the subcontractors according to your wishes.

Payment of fees

RaaS pays the entire fee, even for complex transactions abroad and in foreign currencies.


We clarify all questions about the contract and billing with your subcontractors.

Your benefits at a glance

Outsourcing ensures less effort and time savings

Simple implementation of complex contracts

Flexible payment terms and discounts to subcontractors

Our payroll service: uncomplicated and fair

It has never been easier to outsource your payroll management. Simply describe your requirements to us by phone or via the contact form. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a subsequent offer, provided all the framework conditions fit. For example, we only work with subcontractors who provide a tax number for their company and whose bank details match. The special thing about our service: You only pay if you earn something yourself. We usually receive a fixed amount per consultancy hour provided. Either you send us a contract for the cooperation, or alternatively we work on our service contract. The entire process can thus also be implemented at short notice and is fair for all parties involved.

Case study


For a project for a planning service, our client would like to use an external expert. However, although he is a German citizen, he has his company headquarters in China and a bank account with Chinese currency. However, due to company guidelines, the client is only allowed to transfer money to European accounts in euros.


For our client to use their external expert, we enter a contract with the subcontractor’s Chinese company and pay them in the local currency. Our client in turn concludes a contract with us and pays us for the services rendered by the Chinese company. We take care of the entire process, as well as legal reporting requirements and currency fluctuations.

Further services

Contract handling

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IT Consulting

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